African Honeyguides

Research on a remarkable
human-animal relationship

Launching for all bird enthusiasts in Africa!

Jul 3, 2020 citizen science project is a citizen science project for which we welcome all records of Greater Honeyguides anywhere in Africa. Visit our project site in English, en français & em Português!

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Welcome Laltaika

Welcome to Eliupendo Alaitetei Laltaika, who is joining our team for his MSc research on honeyguide-human interactions in Tanzania. Laltaika is particularly interested in studying the honey-hunting culture of coexisting human cultural groups in the Ngorongoro region of northern Tanzania who all rely heavily on honey, with a particular focus on the Maasai people.

Missing Niassa, but data collection goes on

This is the first year that the research team is not at the Niassa Reserve for our annual “Sego Festa” (honeyguide party), owing to Covid19 lockdown. But our honey-hunter colleagues on the ground, supported by the wonderful Mariri Environmental Centre team, continue to collect amazing data throughout it all.

Honeyguides in Cape Town

Dom gives a seminar at the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town, about his preliminary findings on honeyguide producers and scroungers. David and Jessica give presentations about their honeyguide research in the Niassa Reserve at the FitzPatrick Institute’s AGM.